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BACKCOUNTRY BIKINGPosted March 26th, 2012 by Rod

When you are venturing out into the back country it is always a good idea to carry a well equipped tool kit and first aid kit. A breakdown or injury out here has the potential to be exponentially worse when you are so far away from help. If unprepared, a broken chain can mean spending the night under the stars. While nice, if you didn’t intend to, spending the night can be quite worrisome not to mention dangerous. A good back country tool kit includes: tire levers and patches, an extra tube, a chain break tool, A good multi-tool that includes all bolt sizes on your bike, a pump or CO2 inflator (if you are really remote, both) a spoke wrench and an extra piece of chain. This is a good starting point and would be considered a minimum kit for the back country. When you are in the back country always tell someone your intended route so if something happens they know where to start looking. The back country has some amazing places to bike and there is no reason you should not enjoy it just be prepared and explore with peace of mind.

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