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From a chain replacement to a complete overhaul, we are ready to give your bike the treatment it needs.

Tune-up Packages

*Bikes that are excessively dirty will be charged a $15 cleaning fee*

*Once tune is complete bikes that are not picked up within 14 days (unless prior arrangements are made) will be charged a $15 storage fee*

“Get it back to function” $75

Includes: Chain cleaning and lube, Derailleur Adjustments, Drive-train check, Tire check/Inflation

“I don’t want to worry about anything” $110

Includes: Savy Mini, Minor bike cleaning, Brake adjustments, Minor wheel true, Minor Disc true, Check all parts are tight and functioning, Ensure bike is safe to ride

“Make it like new” $150

Includes: Savy Basic, Full Drive-train cleaning, Brake Service, Bleed disk brakes(if needed), Installation of any upgrades.

“Please give my bike the attention it deserves” $295

Includes: Savy Tune, Rebuild all serviceable loose bearings, Disc Fluid replacement, Disk true, New cables and housing (upgrade parts extra), Full wheel truing, Bike detailing.

“I want the whole enchilada”$450

Includes: Savy Overhaul, Basic fork seals and new oil, Air can Service and seals, New brake pads

“Whatever you think it needs”$Var.

Give me a price range and I will decide what is the best use to get your bike into the best possible condition

Service Pricing

Bearing Adjustment / Overhaul — $8 / $20

Wheel True / Build — $25 / $50 (per wheel)

Tire or Tube Install/Repair — $10

Cable and Housing installation $15 (includes adjustment)

Full cable/housing rebuild package $45

Chain install $10

Brake service $15 (per wheel)

Disk Bleed $25 (per wheel)

Derailleur Adjustment $10 each

Pick up and delivery rate $10-$30

Shop rate $60/h

Bike Assembly $60-$95+

Spoke replacement (requires wheel true) $5 (per spoke)

Great Customer Service and Advice Free!

Prices valid From Jan 1 -Dec 31, 2021
Last updated: April 19th, 2021

3 Responses to Full Service Bike Shop

  1. Amanda

    Excellent service and very happy with my bike! Rod is great to do business with and very honest, which is hard to come by these days. I took my bike in for a service and when I picked it up he said it didn’t really need that much work and charged me for the samller service instead. A lot of business owners would have charged more and I wouldn’t have known any better.

    I highly recommend taking your bike to Savy Cycle!

    Thanks again!

    Amanda 🙂

  2. Cory

    Great stuff!

    We were in Red Deer for only a short time and wanted to take advantage of the great trails.
    We contacted Rod (Savy Cycle) about the possibility of renting some bikes.
    He was very accommodating, even on short notice and we were able to take a whole day for a very reasonable price!
    The bikes were a surprise too! For rentals, they were in great shape (one of them was brand new!) and tuned perfectly!
    Thanks Savy Cycle for helping us get the most out of Red Deer!!

    Cory & Rae

  3. Jared

    Rod had a great bike at an excellent price. I appreciated his advice and time. Definitely the best service in Red Deer.


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