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Bike Fit


Pain is not normal!

Whether you are a recreational rider or a professional racer,
the key to an enjoyable cycling experience is proper fit:
a balance between performance and comfort.
Many believe that a sore neck, saddle induced numbness, aching knees, or back pain
are just a normal part of cycling.  Pain is not normal!

Utilizing a variety of professional fitting systems, our experienced technicians can help get your bicycle fine-tuned
to the proportions and condition of your body and riding style. We will achieve your most efficient biomechanical
position, increasing comfort, power, speed, and endurance. Let us take away the guesswork and frustration while
vastly reducing the risk of physical injuries that can occur from improper positioning.


Make an appointment for a Bike Fitting Session Today!

Basic Fit - $75  (45 Minutes)

Deluxe Fit - $150  (2 hours)


What should I bring to the fit session?

Cycling Clothing should be worn during your bike fit. Cycling shorts and a jersey or snug fitting top are best.



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