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Bike Service


Savy Mini ~ $75

"Get it back to function."

Includes: Chain cleaning and lube, Derailleur adjustments,
Drive-train check, Tire check/inflation.     


Savy Basic ~ $110

"I don't want to worry about anything."

Includes: Savy Mini, Minor bike cleaning, Brake adjustments, Minor wheel true, Minor Disc true,
Check all parts are tight and functioning, Ensure bike is safe to ride.


Savy Tune ~ $150

"Make it like new."

Includes: Savy Basic, Full Drive-train cleaning, Brake Service, Bleed disk brakes
(if needed), Installation of any upgrades.


Savy Overhaul ~ $295

"Please give my bike the attention it deserves."

Includes: Savy Tune, Rebuild all serviceable loose bearings, Disc Fluid replacement, Disk
true, New cables and housing (upgrade parts extra), Full wheel truing, Bike detailing.


Savy Extreme ~ $450

"I want the whole enchilada."

Includes: Savy Overhaul, Basic fork seals and new oil, Air can Service
and seals, New brake pads.

Spot Service Pricing

Bearing Adjustment / Overhaul — $8 / $20

Wheel True / Build — $25 / $50 (per wheel)

Tire or Tube Install/Repair — $10

Cable and Housing installation $15 (includes adjustment)

Full cable/housing rebuild package $45

Chain install $10

Brake service $15 (per wheel)

Disk Bleed $25 (per wheel)

Derailleur Adjustment $10 each

Pick up and delivery rate $10-$30

Shop rate $60/h

Bike Assembly $60-$95+

Spoke replacement (requires wheel true) $5 (per spoke)