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Our Story

Born and raised in rural Saskatchewan, one of my highlights of the summer was coming out to the mountains and seeing the majestic beauty of creation. Now I am closer and my passion and love is stronger than ever.

There is not a much more satisfying day than exploring and discovering a new trail or riding an old favourite with friends. As my passion and desire for the outdoors has grown over the years, so has my desire to share that with others. If you ever travel with me through the back country, you will not only benefit from having a trail guide, you will have a part in sharing that passion with me. We will seek to have fun and explore, looking for that certain perspective that I particularly find only while traveling through the mountains. I hope that you can journey with me.

So far the journey has taken me to many fun, beautiful, and awe inspiring places (just ask me about some and you will see how I “light up” thinking about it!). Some of the other ways I have fueled this passion of mine are; starting a small bike shop, becoming NCCP and PMBI certified as a cycling coach, starting a local bike club, as well as many trips to the back country with family, friends, and clients. I love to make people comfortable and share experiences that they otherwise might not be able to have.  I am committed to providing the best possible service to all my customers, whatever the need.